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Founded in 1982, Manning Safety Services has built a sterling reputation as a full service provider of toxic gas safety equipment, respiratory protection products, atmospheric monitoring, training, certification, and consulting services. Our primary focus is hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-enriched areas. Our 24-hour services include H2S safety products installation and maintenance, contingency planning, OSHA fit testing, H2S certification and training, hydrostatic testing, and more.

Our clients include both small drilling outfits and large companies such as Atlas Energy, BHP Billiton, Pioneer Natural Resources, Sanchez Oil & Gas, Cabot Oil & Gas, and Verdun Oil. We provide safety services, training, and consulting throughout the United States, including Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

Manning Safety Services maintains memberships with ISNetworld and the National Safety Council. Our mission is to assist you in providing the highest level of safety for your employees and the community. Our team of experts has been in the business for 37 years—through good times and bad—and we’re here to stay. Our employees have an average of 19 years experience in the oilfield and H2S industry. Let us know how we can meet your safety needs today.

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Rule 36 Basics

Rule 36 is a safety rule established by the Texas Railroad Commission. It is designed to protect the general public from the hazards of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) resulting from intentional and accidental releases.

Rule 36 is a progressive rule relative to compliance. The level of compliance required is determined by 100 ppm and 500 ppm ROE.

Rule 36 outlines injection, training, notification, reporting, and analysis provisions and requirements.

Manning Safety Services is fully equipped to assist you with Rule 36 compliance, monitoring, and reporting requirements.


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